Benefits of using Gamma Horizon hosted telephony services.

It is high time that businesses still using PBX rethink their strategy and make the move towards a hosted solution, in order to enjoy the full benefits that are offered by cloud telephony. Hosted telephony can simply be described as a telephone system which exists in the cloud, as opposed to residing in the office.

With hosted telephony, users are able to gain access to a cloud-based system using a typical IP telephone, or a softphone- a screen based virtual phone. This makes it possible for calls to be made, and to be received over Gamma network’s broadband connection. They are then routed to mobile devices and PSTN fixed.

Hosted telephony is much cheaper than PBX in terms of maintenance costs and upgrades. Gamma Horizon is responsible for the software and hardware that supports the system, and this is inclusive of system upgrades. Furthermore, hosted telephony gives the organization access to affordable and free calling over broadband. The hosted system also places a wide array of call administration features at the disposal of the business, while also allowing for integration of mobile and other devices.

Arguably the most important benefit is the level of control that a hosted system presents the business. This is because the whole organization’s communication can be easily managed through a simple web interface. Make the switch to Gamma Horizon telephony services; the time is now.

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