A Timeline of the History of Telecommunications in Britain

Telecommunication did not always exist. Here is a look the telephone throughout history.

1837 is when Wheatstone and Cook demonstrated the telegraph to directors for the Birmingham and London Railway. 1870 is when the first private telegraph company developed. The telegraph companies were nationalised and was used by post offices.

1876, The first conversation was by Mr. Alexander Bell on the phone was to summon his assistant from a nearby room.

1877 The telephone was demonstrated by Bell to British government officials. Shortly after that, the first telecommunications company was developed, and in 1879 the first telephone exchange service opened with eight subscribers.

1896 creation of wireless telegraphy was developed by Guglielmo Marconi and demonstrated in the city of London.

1901 Marcon sent the first signal without a wire all the way across the ocean.

Back on the 29th of September, 1915 the very first radio telephone was demonstrated. That was over 100 years ago!

1918 After the WWI telecommunication services quickly grew.

1922 is when the postal service office selected an automated system. This was a British version of a system originally invented by Almon Strowger.

From 1920 – 1930 Phone technology grew between The United States and Britain.

1937 is when 999 for emergencies was first announced in the London area.

1956 is when the first cable was laid down between Newfoundland, Canada and Scotland.

1958 the first long distance call without an operator was made by Queen Elizabeth the Second.

1963 International calling between Paris and London was introduced.

1970 international calling between New York and London was introduced.

1981 there was the establishment of the British Telecommunications Act.

1983 is when the first wireless mobile phone was created.

2016 is a time where the smartphone exists, and 71% of Britain owns a smartphone.

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